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Videos & Photos
Videos & Photos

Immortalize customer experiences with high-quality captivating videos and photos.

Schedule & timeslots
Schedule & timeslots

Efficiently manage schedules and timeslots to optimize resource utilization and customer flow.

Voucher & Gift
Voucher & Gift

Drive sales and customer loyalty with flexible voucher and gift options.


Build strong customer relationships and enhance personalized interactions for improved satisfaction.

POS Reception & Bar
POS Reception & Bar

Streamline point-of-sale operations and enhance customer service at your reception and bar areas.

Online shop & CMS
Online shop & CMS

Seamless e-commerce capabilities and easy content management for a powerful online presence.

Driving & manifest
Driving & manifest

Simplify driving processes and manifest management for a more organized and efficient workflow.

Accounting & BI
Accounting & BI

Efficient financial management and data-driven insights for better decision-making.

Partner portal
Partner portal

Foster collaboration and strengthen relationships with partners through a dedicated portal.

Waiver & Self checkin
Waiver & Self checkin

Simplify check-in processes and digital waiver management for a seamless customer experience.

Staff & shift
Staff & shift

Streamline staff management and shift scheduling for smooth operations and improved productivity.


Enable convenient and secure digital transactions for enhanced customer convenience.

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Comprehensive and ever-evolving, they cover all your business needs and maximize your benefits. Stay ahead with tailored tools for your wind tunnel business and experience unrivaled management capabilities.


Utilizes advanced analytics tools and techniques to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, marketing effectiveness, and business operations.


Provides a comprehensive view of the customer journey, facilitating effective tracking and management of customer events for improved customer service and personalized experiences.


Facilitates communication and marketing through transactional emails, enabling targeted messaging and customer engagement.

Dynamic Video Highlights

Enhances marketing efforts and customer engagement by automatically generating dynamic video highlights of the customer experience, creating captivating visual content for promotional purposes and fostering greater customer engagement.

Business Intelligence

Provides data analytics and reporting tools, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and gain insights into their operations.


Offers the ability to book services or appointments based on specific time slots, optimizing resource allocation and customer convenience.


Simplifies the process of obtaining and managing waivers, ensuring legal compliance and reducing administrative overhead.

Multiple Activities

Facilitates the management of diverse business activities, leading to increased productivity and effective resource allocation.

Videos / Photos

Enhances marketing efforts and customer engagement by providing customers with fully automated video and photo content capturing their flight experience, fostering memorable moments and facilitating shareability.

Food & Beverage

Facilitates the management of food and beverage operations, including ordering, inventory, and sales tracking for bars and restaurants.

Online Shop

Enables businesses to sell products and facilitate bookings online, expanding their reach and generating revenue through e-commerce.


Allows operation to organize and track flights, schedules, and activities for efficient operations and planning.


Content Management System : Provides a user-friendly platform for managing and publishing digital content, ensuring a consistent online presence.


Simplifies checkout process and increases customer convenience by consolidating purchases for later payment.

Shift Management

Simplifies the process of assigning, tracking, and managing employee shifts, improving workforce management efficiency.


Enables internal communication and collaboration through instant messaging or team communication tools, enhancing productivity and teamwork.


Collects and analyzes real-time data from your wind tunnel and sensors, facilitating monitoring and optimization of operations or equipment.

Competition Manager

Helps businesses organize and manage competitions or tournaments, fostering engagement and driving participation.

Multiple Facilities

Enables centralized management and coordination of operations across various locations, improving efficiency and consistency.

Commission Insentive

Motivates teams and partners by offering commission-based incentives, driving sales performance and revenue generation.

Sell Over Phone

Enables sales transactions to be conducted over the phone, providing convenience and flexibility for customers.

Clock In/Out

Streamlines employee time tracking by providing a clock-in and clock-out system, ensuring accurate attendance records.


Boosts customer satisfaction and sales by offering flexible and customizable discount options both online and onsite, fostering increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Staff Time

Enables efficient management and allocation of training time for staff members, optimizing resource utilization and improving operational productivity.


Simplifies the payment process, offering convenience to customers and improving overall customer satisfaction online and onsite.


Boosts sales and customer engagement by offering branded gift cards that can be used as convenient and versatile presents.


Boosts sales and customer engagement through the sale of vouchers and gift vouchers, enabling convenient online bookings and self-check-in options.


Streamlines and automates flight organization for drivers, ensuring precise and efficient operations according to the manifest, ultimately enhancing operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Inssurance Fees

Offers insurance coverage or protection for customers, providing peace of mind and added value to their purchase.


Provides personalized guidance and support to customers, helping them achieve their goals and enhancing their experience.


Enables real-time monitoring and control of stock levels, reducing stockouts and optimizing inventory turnover.

Gear Management

Streamlines the tracking and management of equipment or inventory, ensuring efficient utilization and maintenance.


Virtual Reality : Offers immersive virtual reality experiences, providing unique and engaging interactions for customers.


Application Programming Interface : Offers an API for integration with external applications or systems, allowing for customization and extended functionality.


Provides comprehensive financial insights, allowing for better budgeting, financial analysis, and decision-making.


Manages and tracks occupancy and reservations for hospitality businesses with accommodations, optimizing room utilization and guest satisfaction.

Access Right

Enables granular control and management of user access and permissions, ensuring data security and maintaining privacy.

Corporate Events

Streamlines the planning and execution of corporate events, enhancing professionalism and attendee experience.


Customer Relationship Management, helps businesses manage customer interactions, improve customer service, and drive sales growth.

Overpower Fee

Generates additional revenue by applying fees or charges for premium or upgraded services or features.


Enhances customer engagement and serves as a valuable marketing tool by delivering certificates to recognize customer achievements and foster a sense of accomplishment.

Bulk Package

Attracts and caters to group customers or large-scale events by offering discounted or customized bulk packages.

Payment Gateways

Offers secure and reliable payment processing options, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transactions for customers.

Remote Point of Sale

Allows businesses to expand their reach and conduct sales transactions remotely, increasing sales opportunities and customer convenience.


Optimizes revenue and resource utilization by dynamically adjusting pricing or availability based on demand and market conditions.

Meeting Rooms

Facilitates the booking and management of meeting rooms or conference spaces, optimizing resource utilization and enhancing organization.

Customer Tiers

Offers differentiated services or perks based on customer loyalty tiers, encouraging higher spending and engagement.


Offers a streamlined and efficient check-in process for customers, reducing waiting times and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Provides operation and management support services, offering assistance and resolving issues to maintain teans and operation satisfaction 24/7 world wide.


Enhances the customer experience by providing a centralized point for inquiries, assistance, and information.


Allows businesses to cater to a diverse customer base by providing support and content in multiple languages.


Facilitates transactions and pricing in different currencies, enabling businesses to serve international customers.


Provides comprehensive data analysis and reporting, offering insights into business performance and trends for informed decision-making.


Recognizes and rewards customer milestones or achievements, fostering engagement and loyalty.


Provides tailored experiences or offers for first-time customers, fostering a positive initial impression and encouraging repeat business.

Partner Portal

Facilitates collaboration and communication with business partners and resellers through a dedicated portal, enhancing partnership management and multichannel selling.


Establishes loyalty programs or membership tiers to incentivize customer retention and repeat business.


Provides a user-friendly platform for customers to make reservations or bookings, streamlining the booking process and improving conversion rates.


Provides a convenient and secure digital wallet system for customers to store funds, facilitating quick and easy transactions.

Merchandising Store

Enables businesses to sell branded merchandise or promotional items, boosting brand awareness and revenue.

Third Party Integration

Seamlessly integrates with external systems or services, enhancing functionality and enabling efficient data exchange.


Ensures accurate cash reconciliation, reducing errors and discrepancies in financial records.


Offers self-service multimedia kiosks for customers, providing information, entertainment, or interactive experiences.

Marketing Automation

Supercharge customer engagement with our Marketing Automation Email, driving increased bookings and loyalty effortlessly.

Digital Signage

Enhances marketing and communication efforts by displaying dynamic and engaging content on digital screens.


Enables accurate pricing and proposal generation, increasing the chances of closing deals with potential customers.

Dynamic Lights

Enhances visual ambiance or experience through the control of dynamic lighting systems, creating a captivating environment.


Enhances customer experience and generates additional revenue by offering personalized addons that enrich the overall customer experience.


Optimizes staff scheduling and task allocation, ensuring proper coverage and efficient use of resources.


Enhances communication by sending automated text messages for alerts, reminders, or promotional purposes


Enables real-time chat or messaging functionality, facilitating quick and efficient communication with customers or support teams.

Audit logs

Provides a detailed record of system activities and user actions, ensuring accountability and compliance.

POS (Point of Sale)

Enables seamless and efficient sales transactions, enhancing customer experience and reducing waiting time.


Targets and engages frequent or high-value customers through personalized promotions or incentives, increasing customer loyalty and retention.


Enables businesses to optimize and implement advanced product strategies for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Loyalty Program

Encourages customer retention and repeat business through a structured loyalty program, rewarding customer loyalty and driving engagement.

Staff Schedule

Manages and tracks employee work hours and attendance, facilitating accurate payroll processing and workforce management, enhancing coordination and employee satisfaction.

Proflyer Packs

Encourages customer engagement and loyalty by providing bundled offers or packages for frequent or high-value customers.


Facilitates proactive maintenance planning and scheduling, prolonging the lifespan of assets and reducing downtime.


Streamlines the billing process, ensuring timely payment and improved cash flow.